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Welcome to the His Word My Walk podcast

Going to church is easy, but reading the Bible every day and applying God’s truth to your life… well that’s a different story. Join me as I share with you insights and stories from my own life of how God’s Word and my daily walk go together.

Raving Reviews


encouraging and uplifting

I love this podcast! Kaela is not only encouraging and uplifting but she provides the steps on how to get started with growing a deeper relationship with the Lord! She gives insight into her life experiences, brings the humor, and never pretends to be perfect! If you want to start your day with positivity and inspiration, check this out!

M. Angel J.


so encouraging!

Kaela takes a deep dive into ALL the things! It is so refreshing to hear an honest and biblical perspective on some of the biggest issues we all face. It’s like taking a walk with a good friend and hearing what you really NEED to hear. It is soothing and awakening to the soul at the same time. You won’t be disappointed!



look forward to these every week

I just love this podcast. Kaela puts her message in words that I feel can apply to EVERYONE. She’s gentle with her approach and her messages are enticing and motivating. For someone who believes in God but doesn’t go to church or is super active with my practice, these podcasts are a perfect way to get me connected to God again. I look forward to these every week – I just with there was  more of them!



the best 20min of my day

Totally enjoying these 20 minutes with Kaela. For me these are all things I know and follow BUT TOTALLY NEEDED THE REMINDER AND KICK IN THE PANTS – the biggest reminder is doing everything with a joyful heart! Keep’m coming!



keeping it real - is my body my idol?

Ouch! Kaela is real, she is the girl next door, she gets it, she knows you, she knows me, the things we think about or have thought about . Or wait, maybe the things we haven’t thought about and now has us thinking just a little bit more, with a new mind, fresh eyes. She’s got me intrigues and ready for some more of His Word with my walk and Kaela in my ears.

MarilynY, PNP


love this show!

Kaela is so down to earth and easy to listen to! These episodes really are the perfect companion to my morning walks. I’m so thankful she started this show. Can’t wait for the new episodes to drop!

Angela Quinteros

This masterclass is NOT pre-recorded. This is a LIVE Zoom class with me (Kaela) guiding you through. I will not only teach you the three biggest mistakes we make as Believers in our relationship with God, but you will leave this class with simple strategies to put into action immediately to create discipline and consistency in your walk with the Lord.