Hi, I'm Kaela.

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I’m a Christian mentor, life coach, speaker, and creator host of the His Word My Walk podcast. 

I love God, and I love sharing what He has done in my life. My big desire is to help you experience God in a fresh way every day, spend time with Him in His Word, and confidently walk out His truth in your life right where you are. 

As we get to know each other, you’ll quickly learn that I was an elite athlete and involved in professional sports as well as personal training for decades. That drive and coaching personality comes out with fire (and laughter). I’m an introvert, so if you don’t see me on social media every day, I’m recharging. 

I focus hard on being a loyal friend, purposeful daughter, and most fun loving auntie there is. 

Whether it’s finding a real relationship with God, developing a desire for reading His Word, creating consistency in that desire, or journaling in your time with Him, I’m here for it all! I stand firm on Christ as my firm foundation, and all decisions that come my way build from that. Are you ready to join me?

real relationship quote
real relationship quote

But, I wasn't always reading the Bible, walking it out, and telling the world...

In my twenties, I decided I was a grown up, I had a real career, and it was time for me to find a local church just for me. I walked into Union Hills Primitive Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama in 2004 and that’s where everything really began to change.  From there, every city I lived, finding a church home was foundational. Living in Dallas, TX and attending The Potters House under Bishop T.D. Jakes, I began to take classes. I began to study. Soon after a mission trip to South Africa I found myself at Arizona Christian University earning a second degree in all things Bible.

That degree turned to a full time job with a church, serving wherever I could, creating a youth ministry, speaking, and #allthethings. 


Kaela in Africa

I'm throwing out the Christian to-do list to cultivate and grow a REAL relationship with God!

Kaela sitting reading Bible

In 2017, I had the “Christian to-do list” complete on the daily. But something was still missing. And when I realized it, MY LIFE CHANGED!

I began to spend time with God, in His Word. I began to read the Bible every single day. Now, I had done that before – remember I went to Bible school, I worked for a church full time. But now it was different.

My relationship with God became REAL! And I haven’t looked back since! And now I’m here to help you grow too!



With more than a decade’s experience as a Certified Personal Trainer I moved my business to online and ran programs and challenges for women helping them reach their healthy lifestyle goals with Christ, and their relationship with Him being not just the foundation but the purpose behind their health. As online programs grew in 2020 I found myself so much more joyful when a woman would share her testimony of how God had moved, how she had changed, than the celebration of fitting into that dress! And that’s when I knew It was time to transition out of fitness and into mentoring and life coaching for all Christian women, not only the ones who wanted fitness programs! And now, here we are!



The His Word My Walk podcast was birthed in 2021, I began mentoring and coaching women, the Bible Journaling Bootcamp has become a foundational program changing the lives of every woman who enrolls and begins to dig deeper into God’s Word, learning to apply it to her own every day life. And I have been able to serve women of all walks of life, all for God’s glory. If you want to join me on this journey, I would be honored to meet you.

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With truth, encouragement, and always some laughs, the 20 minute episodes of this podcast will no doubt give you a boost in your week. Bonus points if you go for a walk while you listen!

praying through proverbs

This 31 day devotional takes you through Proverbs day by day with journaling prompts, focus scriptures, daily prayer, application, and even audio of each chapter read for you by Kaela.

bible journaling bootcamp

The favorite of all Kaela’s teachings, this 30 day program will take you from questions and insecurity to pages full of purpose without the need for calligraphy. 

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