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Hi, I'm Kaela!

I help busy Christian women find the time, discipline, and confidence to grow their relationship with God and walk out His truth every single day.

do you always feel like you need to spend more time with god?

I feel you! And what a beautiful goal to set. So what’s holding you back?

it wasn't automatic for me, but i have found a strategy and structure to create consistency and continual growth in my relationship with god.

Our lives are busy. That’s just the truth. It’s not that we don’t want to spend time with God. It’s not that we don’t want to grow. It’s that we are living life here on earth. But to be honest, your priorities are fluid. You can shift them and I promise you’ll be ok. This is my sweet spot, helping Christian women find the time and discipline to grow their relationship with God because I believe a strong and growing relationship with God is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle.

My Favorite Things


an outdoor walk

my niece and nephew

reality tv with my mom

a brand new journal

What i'm about:

I love the Lord and living a healthy lifestyle. My relationship with God is the top priority in my life and I am committed and dedicated to daily walking out His truth and touching every opportunity He has uniquely and strategically created me to reach.

what i'm not about:

I’m not about overwhelm. I’m not about condemnation. I’m not about obsession. I’m not about shame and insecurity. Because when it comes to God, if my relationship with Him is real, and if He is real (and He is), then what am I so stressed about!? (ok, well I try my best on these!)

a day in my life:

I love to wake up “in the 5s”. And, For more than 5yrs now, the first thing I do every day is make my bed, THEN I open my Bible and spend time with God in His Word. It wasn’t always like this, but I finally found a way and I have stuck with it and grown with it every day. I love to have an active lifestyle, even if it’s just a daily walk with a good podcast. I love to spend time mentoring and praying for others and building and creating alongside God so that He can be more known and so that His daughters (and sons) can truly have joyful relationships with Him. THAT is what I’m all about! 

come on in and create the consistency you desire in your time with god

How to Consistently Build Your Bible Time

This is the most foundational online course to take you from questions and insecurity to confidently spending time with God, in His Word, every day.  And enrollment includes 12 weeks of LIVE group Q&A sessions.

"My God life has changed because of this course and relationship with Kaela."