the time is now and the answer is yes!

Are you ready to grow your relationship with God, every single day?

I have thrown out the Christian ‘to-do list’ and am here to cultivate and grow a real relationship with God! Along the way, I get to help other women do the same! We are here not just to live life, but to experience God in a fresh way and share Him with others every single day. THAT is my goal!


This FREE guide will help you call out the lies you’ve been listening to from the enemy and powerfully speak God’s Word over them so you can confidently walk in the truth of who He has created you to be.

What's your focus today?

I am here to serve you. That is my biggest desire. So, how can I serve you?

bible, journal, pen

i want to go deeper in understanding the bible

Bible Journaling Bootcamp is where it’s at! This 30 day program is full of insights, teachings, structure, freedom, and a community of women right beside you.

girl sitting with Bible

i want to work with a life coach and mentor one on one

I am honored to serve a few women one on one. If this is something you are interested in, please fill out the form below.

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I need some encouragement immediately

The His Word My Walk podcast is real! In 20 minutes you’ll have strategies to implement to help you walk out God’s truth immediately!

Imagine feeling confident in who God uniquely created you to be and joyfully walking out His truth every day of your life.

This right here is my desire for every Christian woman. And this is why I began mentoring others. I want to be for someone else, what I didn’t have.

You are unique. You are special. God was strategic when He created you. And the only way to know for sure who you were created to be, is to get to know your Maker even more and talk to Him about it directly.

What women are saying:

"My God life has changed because of this course and relationship with Kaela."

I am talking to God, and I am praying using His Word and just not through my own understanding. I am comfortable with my relationship in a way that I never thought possible. I see Him as so much more than God. I can actually understand when and how He is talking to me.


Meet your mentor & life coach

Hey, I'm Kaela

I love the Lord and living a healthy lifestyle. My relationship with God is the top priority in my life and I am committed and dedicated to daily walking out His truth and touching every opportunity He has uniquely and strategically created me to reach.

My deep desire is to help others in their own relationship with God. I have a passion to uplift and encourage, to teach and to speak truth, God’s truth into every situation.

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