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you were created for this

Grow your relationship with God, every single day

I have thrown out the Christian ‘to-do list’ and am here to grow a real relationship with God! Along the way, I get to help other women do the same! We are here not just to live life, but to experience God in a fresh way and share Him with others every single day. THAT is my goal!


Your thoughts hold weight and the enemy knows that. He’s always down for a battle in your mind. Grab your free guide with POWERFUL PRAYERS and Scripture so you can speak God’s TRUTH over those thoughts and defeat the enemy right in his tracks!

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What's your focus today?

I am here to serve you. That is my biggest desire. So, how can I serve you?

I want a sisterhood of christian women

The FREE book club is where it’s at! This weekly Zoom meet-up is full of discussion, love, laughter, and prayer.

i want to create consistency in my bible time

“How to Consistently Build Your Bible Time” is the most foundational course to take you from questions and insecurity to confidently spending time with God, in His Word, every day.

I'm not sure where to start

I encourage you check out the His Word My Walk podcast. The 20 minute episodes will give you a great feel for me and give you some Christian living insights to apply to your life right away.

Imagine feeling confident in who God uniquely created you to be and joyfully walking out His truth every day of your life.

This right here is my desire for every Christian woman. And this is why I began mentoring others. I want to be for someone else, what I didn’t have.

You are unique. You are special. God was strategic when He created you. And the only way to know for sure who you were created to be, is to get to know your Maker even more and talk to Him about it directly.

how to consistently build your bible time

Create discipline, structure, and understanding in just 6 weeks

This is the most foundational online course to take you from questions and insecurity to confidently spending time with God, in His Word, every day.  And enrollment includes 12 weeks of LIVE group Q&A sessions.

"My God life has changed because of this course and relationship with Kaela."

I am talking to God, and I am praying using His Word and just not through my own understanding. I am comfortable with my relationship in a way that I never thought possible. I see Him as so much more than God. I can actually understand when and how He is talking to me.


individual christian lifestyle mentoring

Do I work with women individually? Yes I do.

I believe in gaining wisdom and sharing wisdom. And I am here to share with you. As your mentor, I will speak God’s truth, His wisdom, and encouragement into your life and your situation. If you would like to see if you and I would be a good fit to work together, please click the link below and fill out the form. I will gladly schedule a FREE call with you to see how I can serve you.

Meet your mentor

Hey, I'm Kaela

I love the Lord and living a healthy lifestyle. My relationship with God is the top priority in my life and I am committed and dedicated to daily walking out His truth and touching every opportunity He has uniquely and strategically created me to reach.

My deep desire is to help others in their own relationship with God. I have a passion to uplift and encourage, to teach and to speak truth, God’s truth into every situation.