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Consistently read and understand the Bible with excitement in 30 days with Bible Journaling Bootcamp

You want to read the Bible. You want to grow in your relationship with God.

Worship music. Going to church. Christian friends.  You’re doing it all.

The only problem is, every time you sit to read the Bible every distraction hits you and you don’t understand what you’ve read.

✨You’re ready to go deeper with God.

You need consistent Bible time. But you need to KNOW what you’re reading.

✔️Hearing God speak directly to you in your life right now.


Bible Journaling Bootcamp mock-up
Lauren Joyce Bible Journaling Bootcamp testimonial

now i slow down and seek God through scripture rather than seeking an answer to my current prayer or problem!

"Bible Journaling Bootcamp has me reading and understanding the Bible in a completely different way."

It was challenging at first to take the extra time during my day to add journaling to my time with God but I cannot even express how beneficial it has been to my relationship with God.

Christian Health Coach for Moms

Bible Journaling is the catalyst to understanding the Bible and here's why:

Journaling is proven to increase the ability to remember and recall, meaning your mind is already preparing to keep that information in a vault for easy access later.

You’ll have a collection of evidence and testimonies, therefore, easily call on God and His character in the future. 

You will spend time with God with the intention of going deeper in your relationship with Him, instead of checking the box on your to-do list. 

Journaling allows you the freedom to experience God just for you, without having to study and read how others have experienced Him first.

We both know knocking out 10 minutes of “quiet time” or “devotions” with God isn’t cutting it anymore.

You spend hours watching teachings, reading books, listening to Christian podcasts and music to feel like you’re walking out God’s will for your life. And still wonder.

Or worse, you read the Bible, study the Bible, only to be left with more questions, more frustration, and wondering if it’s even worth it. God couldn’t mean for it to be like this!

There is another way!

Grow a REAL relationship with God and UNDERSTAND His Word through Bible journaling.

the transformation is real!

"I really am developing a relationship with Jesus. I am getting to know the full story, not just childhood verses that I memorized."

Because of Bible Journaling Bootcamp, I am starting to trust God and getting closer to giving Him every part of my life.


…If you want to read the Bible consistently and understand what you read

…If you want to hear God speak to you in your own life

…If you want to grow in your own relationship with God

It all starts with Bible Journaling Bootcamp

You’ll learn my Bible Journaling proven system that will give you structure in your time with God while allowing you to flow freely as yourself.

It’s simple understanding 👉 Understanding the Bible = Knowing God more = Confidently walking out His calling for you daily

As much time or as little time as you want to put in…I’ll show you how to consistently open your Bible with expectation and walk away KNOWING God has spoken to you.

Kaela at desk with Bible and journal


It's me, Kaela!

I’m a former college basketball National Champion who went on to work in professional sports before earning a second degree in all things Bible.

I used that same determination, drive, and discipline, from decades as an athlete and fitness professional to create a healthy lifestyle for myself with Jesus at the center.

Now I’m also helping other Christian women create the consistency they desire in their relationship with God, allowing them to not only recognize Him in their own daily lives, but grow in His grace, grow in confidence, understand His Word, in order to experience all He has already prepared for each of you. 

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