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Is my vision for my life the same as God’s? How do I know? How do I make it happen? And if that’s the vision then why the heck am I stuck right here right now? Y’all, today I’m hitting all these questions, and more…


For the past while I’ve been hearing, seeing, reading, and speaking about being called, being qualified, being equipped and all of that. You too? If you’re over there like, “Kaela… me too” then just know you are in the right place. This, again, is confirmation for you too. 


I’ve got three steps that I know I’ve used in my own life in many situations whether with sports or with education or business goals too when it comes to visions, so here we go.


Step 1: Hear the Vision

This has to be step one. Before anything else, you have to hear the vision. Now, our hope and our prayer and our goal as Believers is that we hear the vision from God. That’s the key here. But I also want to say that it first hits our thoughts. It comes into our mind. Maybe someone else said it, maybe someone else suggested it, maybe someone else put you in position.


In this past year, almost everything that has come from me in regards to serving women and building up a ministry and business to mentor Christian women and teach them how to grow their relationship with God, teach them the steps to journaling in time with God, get them to a consistent lifestyle WITH GOD, every program, every idea, every podcast episode – they all started with me hearing what to do, hearing the vision.


When I was young, the TV helped me hear the vision sometimes. I’m not here today to say that you HAVE TO hear from God and that you HAVE TO hear His voice or it doesn’t count. Because I believe God uses people, God uses things, God uses His Word, but He also uses just the life that we are living. 


There are some people in life who may never open a Bible, but if they come across me, I hope that God uses me – in whatever way He decides, to speak to them.


No matter what stage of life you’re in, or whether you’re speaking about your career, your calling (which by the way they can be the same thing, just fyi), or whatever else it is, once you’ve heard the vision, you KNOW.



So what’s next:


Step 2: Repeat the Vision

“Then the Lord said to me, ‘Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.'”

Habbakkuk 2:2 (NLT)


“Then the LORD answered me and said: ‘Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.'”

Habbakkuk 2:2 (NKJV)


Write the vision, and make it plain. By writing it down, we are repeating it. By writing it down, we won’t forget. By writing it down, we are making a physical statement others can see. And by writing it down, we are putting ourselves on notice that THIS in fact is the vision.


Do you have a vision board? Or, have made one in the past? There are scientifically proven strategies about mindsets and achieving goals in conjunction with vision boards.


If you’re thinking about the time you made a vision board and put on it: that dress you wanted to fit into, that finance goal, that dream house, that husband, that business. I am totally here for it. But I want to encourage you. I want to challenge you.


Can you see God on your vision board? Does His vision board for you look like yours?


Whose vision is all over that board? Is it the world’s? Is it what society and culture have told you would be great goals so that you live a great life here on earth, successful in the eyes of the world?


After participating in vision board parties, I found myself thinking, “hmmmmm have I included God in this?” So I took it a step further. For every image on my board, I found a scripture to write overtop of that image, to confirm, to verify, to validate, to put God’s stamp overtop of it and pray and believe and repeat the vision that way.


Here’s what happened. Googling and finding and writing scripture over the images I had put on my board, in that season, was a big step for me. I was totally including God in everything I saw for my future and dreamed of. I was looking to His Word to validate and verify what I WANTED. But I also knew the importance and the truth of having God, not just part of, but over every part of my life and future.


Here’s what I know now:


There will be no vision board without hearing from Him FIRST, without His Word FIRST. There will be no image of a dream house in California if God has not yet shown me California.


The real truth is that as I have continued to grow, I’ve begun realizing that MY vision should not even be a thing without His Word FIRST. Because remember, first we hear the vision, then we repeat it.




whose vision

Have you been repeating a vision YOU want and asking God to cosign on it? Are you making moves ahead of Him, then getting online to google scriptures that might say the right word to help you make that point and that hope come true?



Repeat the vision by writing, and by SPEAKING. Repeat the vision OUT LOUD! Those daily affirmations, daily scriptures, daily truths, looking in the mirror and speaking truth and life into your day, your family, yourself. 


Do you have a friend, a true friend, a true Believer who you can be open and honest with? Speak the vision.




Step 3: Train for the Vision

What we often want to see or do, is put these images on a board and then like, “manifest” them. “Just put it out into the universe”… ummmmmmm NO!


When God gives a vision, there is work associated with it. There are challenges and trials, and plenty of opportunities for growth along the way associated with it. Can you recognize these opportunities as training ground?


The best way for me to understand and to explain this, which is how I shared this truth with the a woman I mentor, is clearly through sports. 


I heard a vision clearly through the tv when I was younger. I saw the Phoenix Suns play and was headed for the NBA myself. As a young girl, with no representation of women’s professional basketball yet that I could see, I was headed for the NBA. I repeated that vision day in and day out.


It was very obvious that there were plenty of years ahead of me before that was possible,  but did that mean I just sat around and expected that when I turned 20 I would automatically be in the NBA?


Yes, that sounds so silly. You know that’s not the case. You know there were years and years of training involved. Yet I think we often do that when it comes to God. I’ve spent this week, since that conversation and coaching the women I mentor about training, I’ve spent the week thinking about opportunities, about visions, about where God has strategically placed me and where I believe He is taking me. Am I training for the vision?




God doesn't waste

Remember Karate Kid? “Daniel Son, paint the fence, sand the floor, wax on – wax off”all training. It may not have looked like training for the vision, but it was, and, it was effective… right?


What is your paint the fence right now? What is your ‘sand the floor’? What is your ‘wax on – wax off’?

And one final question for you: Can you stick with the training, and continue training, even when it might seem monotonous? “But God I got that already… I’ve done that 10 times, I’ve done that 1000 times…”




Training brings a level of confidence into our lives that we can’t really get any other way. One of the best athletes EVER said this, “The confidence comes from preparation. So when the game is on the line, I’m not asking myself to do something that I haven’t done thousands of times before. So in those moments if it looks like i’m ice cold or not nervous, it’s because I’ve done it thousands of times before, so what’s one more time?”


Kobe Bryant


What is it for you? What is the vision? This week, how about you sit with God, or my favorite, go for a walk with Him. Have that chat. Ask Him what the vision is. Surrender your vision board to Him. You may be surprised what stays and what goes. But never forget, He has a vision for your life, and He’s not keeping it a secret. Listen for Him, then repeat the vision, then look around, you’ve already been training for it.




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