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“God, did I hear you correctly?” 

Do you ever find yourself doing what you thought God called you to do but it doesn’t seem to be working out how you thought yet? Today I’m sharing with you real and vulnerable moments I’ve experienced recently and how I found myself facedown on the floor asking for some validation. 

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As an athlete, you kind of know whether you’re successful or not, right? There are statistical wins and losses. But when it comes to business, when it comes to ministry, when it comes to God, when it comes to a podcast, a program, a calling, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what success really feels like and looks like.

It all started for me a couple months ago. As a now Christian Mentor and Life Coach, building my own business, saying yes to God, trusting Him but still being nervous, I found myself in a mental and maybe even spiritual battle. A lot of talk amongst entrepreneurs is focused around money and goals of how much money to make per month. It’s all this money mindset talk and teaching how to bring in wealth. 


I’m about to share my own thoughts and perspective and prayers and revelations and hard times and struggles and victories in this exact area right here.

Validation Head Image

As entrepreneurs, and as Believers, when we take a step, sometimes a leap, sometimes even a blind leap into what God is calling us to do, it can be tough. We can even feel like it’s a test, although if you haven’t heard me say this before I’d encourage you to switch the word test there for opportunity. Instead of God testing your faith (which may give you these feelings like – “oh goodness I could fail”), look at opportunities to live out His truth and promises, opportunities to grow, opportunities to experience Him in new ways. It won’t always be easy, but there are always opportunities.

When it came time to report to my business coach each month about money, I had a hard time. And to be honest, I wasn’t having a hard time in the way you may be thinking. Some months were zero dollars of income, but most months were not – again, welcome to entrepreneurship and trusting God. But, it wasn’t the number coming in that was affecting my mindset as a business owner.


I’ll be really honest, and even to the point that you could say this is bad business, but I am not driven by money. I’m not driven by the amount of money I can make. I am not driven by hitting a financial goal with a dollar amount. Now, use phrases and goals like debt-free, solid savings plan, paying my Mom’s mortgage forever, funding my niece’s AAU basketball team; those things LIGHT ME UP! Of course I understand it takes money to make all these things happen. But I’m sharing this to help you understand my mindset.


See, a lot of coaches and businesses and entrepreneurs lead with the dollar amount. So the questions and the statements kept coming: In order to make this amount of money, you need to have this amount of women in your programs. Which as someone who was pretty good at math, I completely understand. But my heart was struggling. And I think my spirit was struggling too. You know when you’re struggling with something and you play out the scenario and the conversation over and over in your head, maybe even in front of the mirror. I got tough and prepared for my next conversation with my business coach:

“Look, I refuse to use women’s relationships with God as a pawn to pad my bank account!” There. I said it!

That was really my plan. But that phrase right there was simply the raw and honest moment between God and I that spurred the continued conversation with Him about this.



I was confident and certain that I was not driven by a dollar amount. And I still am certain of that. But then more questions came: How will I know if I’m successful then? What if this isn’t really what You are asking me to do? Isn’t it crazy how we can go from complete confidence and excitement to doubt and fear and thinking we are all alone and could fail.

So, there I was, asking God for validation.

Validation God, please give me validation.

Validation that this is what you’re really calling me to do.

Validation that what I’m saying yes to and creating is the right path.

Validation that I am making an impact in the lives of others as I keep stepping out in faith following your lead.

God, please give me validation.

These prayers felt strange to me. I don’t feel like I was one who sought validation in my life a lot. Looking back, maybe I didn’t seek it because I just recognized and received it, to be honest, mostly through sports. 


I was validated as an athlete. How? I won. Teams I played on won games. We scored points. I received awards and accolades. And if by chance we didn’t win, there was always another opportunity to win coming right up. Sports helped me with that “next play mentality” – shake it off and keep going. There’s more time. There’s another game.


But when it came to this; when it came to what I am truly saying yes to now because I believe the Lord is calling me to this, and although I know He is with me, and I know He is providing connections for me, this is pretty much feeling like a solo venture, or adventure if I’m honest. 

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, and you find yourself questioning if you heard God right, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, wondering if your motive is right or if you need to follow what someone else says, just questioning?  Here’s where I want to encourage you to make a shift. 

Validation Head Image

Instead of continuing to ask God if you heard Him right, ask Him to validate what you heard.

Ask God for validation in the steps you’ve taken. Ask Him for validation in the leap of faith, even just something small to know you’re on the right track.


And then pay attention to His creativity in how He gives it to you.



1. God gives validation through His Word

The first way I received validation from God, I feel like if you’ve listened to me long enough, you will know the first point cing for you. Sometimes point number one is just always point number one lol. Yep… His Word. The Bible itself. God’s Word. Validation comes through His WordI am STILL going through the book of Exodus. I’ve been in there for more than three months. Well I happened to be at chapter 31 the other day. A chapter that in the past I would have probably just skimmed over as the little subtitle so nicely written in my Bible was “Crafsmen: Bezalel and Oholiab. Big whoop, right? Well since I’m so invested in this history right now I read through it, and this is what it said. I’m gonna read you a little bit.


So, Exodus 31:1-6 says this, 


Then the Lord said to Moses, “Look, I have specifically chosen Bezalel son of Uri, grandson of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. I have filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts. He is a master craftsman, expert in working with gold, silver, and bronze. He is skilled in engraving and mounting gemstones and in carving wood. He is a master at every craft! And I have personally appointed Oholiab son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan, to be his assistant. Moreover, I have given special skill to all the gifted craftsmen so they can make all the things I have commanded you to make.”


No big deal, right? In the grand scheme of all these chapters of Moses spending 40 days and nights on top of Mount Sinai with the Lord, and this small couple of paragraphs is what I ended up reading that day. What’s so special about that? I’ll tell you what is…


Bezalel and Oholiab. I had never heard of them before. But after reading those two paragraphs I had no doubts that God had this assignment for them. I had no doubts about God’s confidence in each of them. I had no doubts in Moses’ belief that these were the two men for the job. I had no doubt in their abilities. God not only spoke what they are to do, He validated them and confirmed that they were qualified. They weren’t just qualified, they were masters at every craft! Personally appointed by God.


God is that specific. God is that resourceful. And God is that strategic. Sometimes I find it difficult to related= to Moses, to Jeremiah, to David, to Paul, to these big players in the Bible times. They’re so well known and obviously called by God. But these two paragraphs right here. These two men, who are only mentioned again when Moses comes down and instructs them to get to work building… these two men I can relate to.

See, God’s word is true. And if God is that strategic with the lives of Bezalel and Oholiab for that purpose right there, then He is that strategic with me. If God speaks that highly of His plans for them and the confidence He has in their preparation, their qualifications, and their abilities to choose them, then He is confident in your preparation, your qualifications, and your abilities. If He wasn’t… He wouldn’t have called you to it… YET!

And here’s the thing about spending time with God, in His Word. If you truly spend time with Him, and ask Him for what you need, He will give it to you.

Ok, when I say time-out, you’re either like me and you’re into sports, or your picturing your toddler on the stool in the corner while you set the timer on the microwave for the amount of minutes as their age, right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

2. God gives validation through people

In Galatians 1:10 Paul makes it clear in this way. He says, “Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

And yes, I agree 100%. In fact it wouldn’t be very smart to disagree… ya know… like this is God’s Word and His instructions given through Paul. So I agree. I am not trying to win the approval of people. PERIOD.

New sentence – God will use the Holy Spirit to impact people to say things and do things to give me approval and validation that what I am doing is from the Lord and that I am on the right path!

That’s it right there. 

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at the women’s brunch at Willow Park Church here in Kelowna, BC. In Canada. I can confidently say that when I got up on that state, I was serving the Lord and I was serving these women. I was there to share what I was sure the Lord wanted me to share. I didn’t speak in the way I did, share the Scriptures I did, share the stories about my life that I did, and even tell a couple jokes that I did SO THAT 150 women would come up to me afterward and say how awesome I am. No! It wasn’t their validation that I was truly seeking. 

BUT with that said, every woman who came to speak with me afterward and shared how what I said impacted them, what they learned, steps they want to take moving forward in their relationship with the Lord, and with tears streaming down their faces asking me to pray for them… that was the Lord showing me validation. He was clearly using these women to do it, but it was validation from Him. It was confirmation that not only was He the one who asked me to speak, but He prepared me for it.

Every example I was able to share from my personal life, God prepared in me. He qualified me for that moment. And having received that validation from women, I am even more confident knowing the next time I am asked to speak, maybe even for something that makes me even more nervous, I can move forward with confidence knowing that God has validated this gift in me and He has done it through these women.

So I want to encourage you. I want to challenge you actually. I want to challenge you to put a hard stop on those, “God did you really say that?” moments and instead say, “God I heard you. I’m taking a step. Can you please give me some validation.”


Whether it’s on your job, in your relationship, making a decision about a career change, maybe even a church change. Maybe you have some big financial decisions to make in your life and you think you’ve heard from the Lord but it just wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. If you asked other people for their advice or opinions, you know they would try to talk  you into something else. That right there is when you need to ask the Lord for validation. And know and trust that He will give it to you. 


The most foundational program to take you from questions and insecurity to confidently spending time with God, in His Word, every day, in just six weeks.

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Hey, I’m Kaela! I’m a Christian Mentor & Life Coach. My relationship with God is the top priority in my life and I am committed and dedicated to daily walking out His truth and touching every opportunity He has uniquely and strategically created me to reach.

My deep desire is to help others in their own relationship with God. I have a passion to uplift and encourage, to teach and to speak truth, God’s truth into every person and every situation.

Validation from God

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