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Don't Just Take My Word For It

This book club was started in February 2021 with a simple, “Does anyone want to read a book with me and meet weekly to talk about it and pray together?” And what God has done in just one year is exceedingly, abundantly, more than I could imagine or think.

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"I look forward to meeting each week."

I have enjoyed members sharing their views on the chapter we were reading and their testimonies. Kaela is a gracious woman with Biblical knowledge and wisdom. She made me feel comfortable in sharing my thoughts and experiences. I’ve learned to love the women attending and look forward to meeting with them again each week.


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"I am able to glean from each woman"

The book club is an amazing community of women who come together to learn, grow and socialize. I love specifically how I am able to glean from each woman who shares from the book and from personal experiences. To also be able to read a book and grow is definitely an added bonus I look forward to.


Books We've Read

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"To see God move weekly with answered prayers and testimonials is a blessing in itself."

This is more than growing in the word of God, it’s a fellowship and a sisterhood. I’m grateful for the friendships built, the safety to be transparent and vulnerable in our group allowing for spiritual growth and cathartic release. To see God move weekly with answered prayers and testimonials is a blessing in itself. Don’t think about joining, just come and see for yourself.


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"When I say we pray for eachother, we REALLY DO!"

This book club came at the absolute right time (God’s time)! After a long time struggling, having a group of women to fellowship with and pray for each other has made ALL the difference in my life! When I say we pray for each other, we REALLY DO pray for each other!! I love hearing the praise reports from prayer requests in prior weeks. Thursdays are my favorite night of the week!


would you like to join?

Stop saying you want to read more, and just do it... with a sisterhood!

If you are interested in being part of the book club (it’s free), click the link below to email me directly stating your desire and I will gladly make time to meet with you. To honor the sisterhood involved, the book club is only open for one month between and at the beginning of each book. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out! I would love to connect with you.