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Some things in life are better with a mentor by your side

As your Christian Lifestyle Mentor, think of me as your life coach firm with God’s truth as the foundation. I am here to guide you, lift you up, encourage you, and give you strategies and insights to move forward in your daily life situations and scenarios, with God as your foundation.

1:1 mentoring sessions

Let's talk

Life is sometimes messy and I get it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on therapy and counseling sessions and don’t regret a penny. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who can listen, then guide you through where you’re feeling stuck so you can move forward and I am here for you with that!

I offer 1:1 calls in packages (3 or 6 sessions to start) and if you would like to see if we would be a good fit to work together, all you have to do is let me know my sending an email at the link below and together we can set up a complimentary 20 minute call just to make sure I am the one to serve you best.

God has a plan for you. And if you’re struggling and if I’m part of His plan to come alongside you, I am here for it!

We're a Good Fit If...

you have questions about your relationship with god

and you’re looking for guidance, for understanding, and for wisdom of where to go and how to get there.

you want more from yourself and god

God has a plan. That plan is always in motion. And you are part of that plan. Where is He taking you next? I can help.

you're going through 'a season'

Having a Christian mentor to talk to about everyday life. One who gets it, and has been there but is also a stand for His truth and His promises. I’m here to fight WITH you.